Learn What It Takes to Do Effective WordPress SEO

The search engines and WordPress have a mutual love of each other and that’s why the search engine gives WordPress sites more love than sites that run on another content platform. Each and every website owner and Internet Marketer knows that you will give yourself an advantage over your competitors in terms of SEO when you build your site on the WordPress platform. However, to truly get the highest results and best rankings possible, your first goal should be to properly optimize your WordPress blog for a better performance so that you can get long term positive results in the form of lots of organically gained search engine traffic.

Allow Comments:

Even though this is very easy for most people to remember, there are still a few who forget it every time. When you’re running your site on WordPress, you can’t afford to lose the opportunity to gain fresh content each time with comments from your readers. User generated content is what pushed the social media craze today and made it so popular. Besides the fact that this will be beneficial for building up a relationship with your readers, letting them leave comments will give your blog new customer generated material. This is what the search engines love.

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